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We supply Rich taste,Quality and Aromatic Food products

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International standards in quality food production and marketing has been our motto.We have commitment to our customers to fully utilize all its available resources to deliver quality food products and confirm to timely quality control norms to maintain fidelity to best practices.Aims at consumer protection and ensure that all our foods during production, handling, processing, storage and distribution are safe, wholesome and fit for human consumption, conform to safety and quality requirements, and are honestly, accurately labeled as prescribed by law. So our Quality Assurance Department plays and inevitable role in it.


Highlights Of Ruchi

Why Ruchi Foods?

Commitment to highest standard of quality


Eco friendly food product brand

Our products are prepared with care and not to contain any things that are harmful to health.


Easliy available.

Ruchi Products are available in wholesale and retail. we have earned trust of customers and our endeavor has always been maintained that name. 


Good Food For a Healthy Life!

Our products are 100% natural, made from pure ingredients. We use latest packaging materials and latest technology. 

About Us

RUCHI is a registered trademark. Our Family imported and distributed thousands of products, dry and frozen goods from India, The Middle East, The United Kingdom, Thailand, Canada and from many parts of Africa to the US, since 1992.


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Atlantic Food And Spices, Inc.
9201 Sovereign Row
Dallas, TX 75247

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